Jesse Riviere, a Montreal artist, embarked on the METROMTL project to expose the beauty and uniqueness of Montreal's underground. In taking photos of every single station his collection allows you to take a visual journey on Montreal's symbolic bloodline. He began the project in 2013 and has been selling his prints since 2014. 

As a born and bred Montrealer, I have been fascinated by our metro system from my very first ride. In 2013 I began photographing aspects of each station that I found most interesting. For me, that was the benches/seating areas, each one with a different feel and look. I used to imagine what it would be like to sit on each one.

This beautiful underground museum that we all take a bit for granted was masterfully designed and built by thousands of workers and hundreds of designers, artists and architects. The true history of how these stations were built and by who is what I hope to bring to light using my images. To inspire Montrealers and those from abroad to take interest in this unique and innovative feature of our city. An aspect that continues to surprise even the most frequent of commuters.

To all the artist's and architects who took part in it's creation I say thank you.

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Jesse Riviere